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The Study of Later Prehistoric Pottery: General Policies and Guidelines for analysis and Publications.
Occasional Paper No1 and No 2.
3rd Edition Revised 2011
Prehistoric Ceramic Research Group
ISBN: 0 9518489 3 3

This publication comprises the first occasional paper produced by the PCRG, originally published in 1991, and a slightly revised version of the second, first published in 1992. A joint reprint of the two papers, published in 1995, sold out within eighteen months and still appears to be much in demand. The new joint edition provides an expanded section on fabric description, including specimen 'filled-out' samples of fabric record sheets, and an updated bibliography. All revisions have been prepared by members of the PCRG Committee.
This document, intended to be used by anybody studying ceramics of the later prehistoric period, is primarily concerned with the analysis of pottery. It is aimed not only at specialists, but also at those generally concerned with archaeological projects involving ceramics of this period, particularly those involved with the design and the funding of excavations or projects. It is applicable both at general policy level and at the level of providing a framework for case-by-case decisions.

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