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© N Brown

Ardleigh Group urns from Essex

By Nigel Brown

Plate 1. Detail of urn from White Colne, comb impressions in a very smooth slipped surface which was clearly still quite wet when the impressions were made. 988-4

Plate 2. Detail of urn from White Colne, showing firing spall, slight vertical ridging may result from drawing the clay upward during manufacture the exterior is quite well smoothed, possibly beaten. 988-6

Plate 3.Detail of urn from Shalford, showing triangular patch of finger impressions, and shrinkage cracks radiating from pieces of burnt flint temper. 988-1

Plate 4.Detail of urn from Ardleigh, showing pinched up knobs. 988-2

Plate 5.Detail of urn from White Colne, showing uneven surface and shrinkage cracks radiating from large lumps of grog temper, some of which (e.g. the piece just below the right of the scale) are still clearly recognisable as pieces of pottery. 988-5

Plate 6.Detail of interior of urn from White Colne showing large piece of grog temper still clearly recognisable as a piece of pottery in a vessel otherwise tempered with crushed burnt flint. 988-3

For further information, see: Brown, N. 1999 The Archaeology of Ardleigh, Essex: excavations 1955-1980 East Anglian Archaeology 90





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