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Welcome To The Prehistoric Ceramics Research Group Web Site

The PCRG was formed in November 1988 to promote regular contacts between those with interests in prehistoric ceramics, combining the membership of the Iron Age Pottery Research Group, which had been operating in eastern England since 1976, and the First Millennium BC Ceramic Research Group covering central southern England since 1985. In 1994, the scope of the group was widened to include ceramics from the Neolithic and Earlier Bronze Age periods.

The group aims to assist pottery specialists, other archaeologists and members of the public to keep in touch with recent developments and current research in prehistoric pottery.

The group welcomes new members. Archaeologists, both pottery specialists and other, and anyone with interests in the Group activities are invited to join. The group currently has about 100 members. If you're looking to borrow money for any reason, please check out
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PCRG aims

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Archaeologist Stephen Harrison and professional potter Andrew Appleby, began a three-year experimental research project into the making of Neolithic pottery.

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